ATR SOLAR’s has installed more than 1.5 Lakhs sq.ft area Solar Green House Dryers all over India and overseas for drying of various agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

ATR’s Solar Green House Dryer is being designed according to the customers exact drying requirement.

Solar Green house dryer is one of the main products of ATR SOLAR.

Construction of Solar Green House dryer

ATR’S Green house dryer is being manufactured by using good quality raw materials and latest technologies

ATR’s Solar green house dryer could be installed at farmers field or the locations suitable for commercial and industrial applications and open Terrace also.

Double side UV protective coated Poly carbonate sheet is being used to transmit maximum solar radiation inside the chamber and to maintain the color of the drying materials.

Good quality and heavier GI and aluminium extrusions are being used for the structures and frames to provide the long durability and rigid in high wind velocity.

Minimum one feet height Concrete basement with 1″ thick cudappa layed Flooring will be constructed with GI foundation pipes for keeping materials.

Stainless Steel perforated or Plain trays with trolley will be used according to the customers requirement as an optional.

Automatic Temperature and Humidity Control will be used to maintain the dried products quality, color and aroma.

Solar PV module will operate solar dryer during Day time and Electrical backup could be provided for running non sunny period and rainy time.


  • Spices Drying
  • Fruits dehydration
  • Vegetables Dehydration
  • Copra Drying
  • Herbs Drying
  • Pulses Drying
  • Millets Drying
  • Fish Drying
  • Tannery drying
  • Cofee beans drying
  • Tea leaves drying
  • Timber seasoning
  • Rubber Latex Drying
  • Chemical Drying
  • Sludge Drying
    • and various agricultural and Commercial and industrial drying applications


  • Solar Greeen House dryer could be operated easily by any lay person
  • Various products could be dried according to the season and availability of raw materials
  • Temperature and Humidity could be maintained according to the products to maintain its quality.
  • Drying time will be reduced around 40% to 50% compared with open sun drying
  • The Products dried in solar green house dryer will be in good Color, aroma high nutrition and quality without any contamination and dust.
  • without electricity it can be operated during day time .
  • During non sunny period and rainy time electrical backup could be provided as optional method.
  • Solar green House dryer can withstand Heavy wind, rain and cyclone
  • Faster payback period less than two years through more productivity, good price due to good quality of dried products, less maintenance and less manpower.