• ATR SOLAR has installed more than 150 units of Solar Green House Dryer for Copra Drying applications all over Tamilnadu
  • Total area of more than 85,000 sq.ft Solar Green House dryer has been installed by ATR SOLAR for Copra drying application till March 2020

Subsidy for Solar Copra Dryer:

Tamilnadu Agricultural Engineering Department is providing 50% to 60% subsidy maximum of 3.5 Lakhs for one Farmer to install Solar Green House Dryer for copra drying applications.


  • Solar Green house dryer reducing the drying time up to 50% compared with open sun drying
  • Copra drying without using Sulfur will provide better price
  • Will provide very good clear and clean coconut Oil
  • By using Automatic Temperature and Humidity control the dried copra is having very good quality.
  • reducing losses due to sudden rain and windy climate
  • reducing the usage of Tarpaulin for frequent covering of material during open sun drying
  • reducing manpower for handling of copra during drying process
  • Electrical Backup Heater could be provided for non sunny period operation.
Solar Copra Dryer installed at Madurai
Solar Copra Dryer installed at Pattukottai
Solar Copra Dryer installed at Pollachi