ATR SOLAR is one of the leading manufacturers of Solar Green house dryers, Solar Air Heating systems, Cabinet and conveyor Dryers, Solar Power Plant, Solar Water heater and Solar Street Lights Since 2002.

ATR SOLAR is enlisted with MNRE for manufacturing and installation of Solar Air Heating systems for various industrial drying applications all over India.

ATR SOLAR has been empaneled with Tamilnadu Agricultural Engineering Department since 2014 as a registered manufacturer for Solar Green House Dryers and installing solar Green house dryers to Tamilnadu Farmers with the subsidy scheme.

ATR SOLAR has installed more than 4.5 Lakhs sq.ft area Solar Green House Dryer and more than 10,000 solar Air heating systems for various agricultural drying, Commercial and Industrial drying applications all over India and in abroad also.

ATR SOLAR has well equipped manufacturing facility and its state of art research facility with sophisticated instruments for Solar air heater and Green house dryer is located at Madurai and the Branch office at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA.



Drying is one of the most important and most energy consuming process in agricultural, Food processing, Chemical, Printing, fabric dyeing, ceramic, Tannery and many more industrial applications

Solar Drying:

Drying through Solar Green House Dryer at Farmer field is the best option to reduce the post harvest losses and get good market prices for value added products


  • Spices Drying
  • Fruits dehydration
  • Vegetables Dehydration
  • Copra Drying
  • Herbs Drying
  • Pulses Drying
  • Millets Drying
  • Fish Drying
  • Tannery drying
  • Cofee beans drying
  • Tea leaves drying
  • Timber seasoning
  • Rubber Latex Drying
  • Chemical Drying
  • Sludge Drying
    • and various agricultural and Commercial and industrial drying applications

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ATR’s Solar Air Heater

Thermal Energy: (Hot Air)

Generally Thermal energy (Hot air) is being used to dry the required products.

Temperature of the air is being maintained between 45 deg C to 135 deg C depending on the products and production methods. This energy is being produced by a conventional fuels like electricity, firewood, diesel, furnace oil, kerosene etc.,

The cost of conventional fuels are being increased day by day as the availability of conventional fuel in the earth is decreasing day by day.

Solar Air Heating system:

Using freely available Solar energy (without any additional heating sources or with the back up system) could generate the hot air required for drying applications.

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Few of our Installations

Solar Green house Dryers

800 sq.ft SGHD installed at Nagarcoil for Cloves Drying

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